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Inna Pekel  CEO

Administration, logistics and financial planning.


Throughout her career, Inna acquired extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of finance and administration: operations management, budgeting, cost accounting, operating and financial analysis, planning, purchasing and logistics. Inna has been managing Prise Systems from its inception.

BSc  degree in Economics and Management from Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology.

Eli Pekel  CTO

Eli Pekel holds BSc and an M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Israeli Institute of Technology.


Eli is leading, designing and building various projects for more than 25 years. During those years, he acquired unique experience and knowledge in analog and high speed digital electronics, signal processing, audio systems, system integrity, EMI, RFI, ESD, opto-mechanical systems, lasers and detectors, precision motion systems and control algorithms, medical equipment, visual inspection systems and non-destructive testing.


Eli’s ability to plan, design and oversee multiple aspects of systems development contributes to his outstanding performance as a project leader.

Aharon Futterman   VP R&D

Abraham Haskin  VP  Engineering


 1. Laser Power Stabilization Algorithms in Scanning Systems;

2. Fast Precise Indexing on Magnetic Media Surfaces;

3. High Speed Optical Inspection Apparatus and Method.

4. High Speed Optical Inspection Apparatus for a Transparent Flat Panel and Method Therefore.

5. High Speed Optical Inspection Apparatus for a Transparent Disk and Method Therefore.



 1. “Theory of and Experiments with 8085 Microprocessor”; E. Pekel, (1983).

2. “Theory of and Experiments with Operational and Power Amplifiers”  E. Pekel and Professor A. Arbel, (1986).

3. “Memory structures, PAL and PLA”; E. Pekel (1986).

Advisory Board

Advisory board

Gregory Toker, PhD–Mathematics, Physics, mathematical modelling and system analysis.

He has 25 scientific publications and 15 patents.


Vladimir Glukhman, PhD health science - Industrial Biology consultant. He has 21 scientific publications and 7 patents.


Mr. Isak Duenyas –International marketing


Mr. Ilan Laver – Business development


Mr. Zeev Pritsker - Mentor


Vladimir Sherman – Legal consultant


Avital Futterman – international financing advisor

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