Hard disks systems

Communication and RF design

Wireless Voice Band Signal Distribution System

Optical Curtain

3D projection system and Lab test system

Life science

Bacteria detection system

Bare wafer Inspection


Engines and Transmission parts inspection

Synchro ring inspection system

2 channel 2 Giga Hertz ADC+FPGA

Glass inspection systems

17” Flat panels

Electrical cabinet and wiring design and assembly

Sensors and Detectors

IR Sensor

Detection systems: PMT, PIN and  APD

IR Detector 2.6uM detector Ultra high gain 1011


PCB board racks

Data processing and communication

Industrial Controller for AOM frequency synthesizer based on TI’s ARM Cortex-A8 CPU

Optical test benches

Optical Communication


Lab test system


Servo motors controllers and drivers

Parallel 16 channels audio processing board based on 4 Analog Devices Blackfin DSP

DC motor controller and driver

Detection systems

"SNIFFER " – Explosives & Narcotics Detection System TNT, RDX, Plastic ANF Homemade Explosives

Electronic sub-systems