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Prise Systems was founded in 2010 creating a modularly structured company efficiently providing contracting and consulting services to high-tech companies in Israel and abroad.


The company develops and manufactures state of the art systems integrating electronics, mechanics, optics, software and algorithm development in the fields of medical equipment, media inspection, telecommunications, printing, audio and lab equipment.


Company services range from presenting solutions for particular problems to supplying complete integrated systems including concept definition, design and development, PCB design, project management, logistics, purchasing and manufacturing.


Prise Systems, by the expertise of the team, is providing creative and efficient solutions to hard-to-solve problems.

The company operates by bringing together teams of highly experienced professionals in multiple complimenting fields, thus placing the company in a unique position to serve various needs of high-tech companies.


Company team’s competence and creativity coupled with knowledge and experience, enable it to deliver top quality solutions to its customers. The Prise Systems business and professional code is characterized by integrity, honesty, responsibility and respect. The reputation Prise Systems holds is all about long lasting relationships with our clients, knowing this is proof of their satisfaction.

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